I think we can all respond to a good piece of furniture – especially chairs.


At the very least a chair should make you smile.

lorraine osborne. love me tender sofa
lorraine osborne. love me tender sofa


It rains an awful lot in Devon; plainly that’s why it’s so outrageously green and muddy.

My workshop is an old, meat packing shed surrounded by outrageous greenery; cows, sheep, chickens and plenty of mud.

It has a tin roof, so even the softest passing shower is experienced from within as a tumultuous thunder storm.

I sometimes wonder if this constant meteorological drama has an effect on the furniture I make?


I’ve been an upholsterer for more than thirty years; first in London, now down in Devon. I did my training in the east end of London at what was then called The London College of Furniture; since when I have worked steadily in the trade for furniture restorers, antique dealers, fabric designers, interior designers and of course many, many private clients.

Now I spend my time listening to the weather and making furniture from my own designs and commissions.

When it stops raining I go running.