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The Confessional

Last year I sent out 200 identical pieces of card to friends and acquaintances, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a request for an anonymous confession.
86 people responded.
I designed and built The Confessional couch to accommodate them all in a patchwork design;adding a few notorious confessions to the mix (Yorkshire Ripper, Lance Armstrong) and finally of course, my own.
Carved into three of the legs are quotations on the subject of confession by Casanova, Karl Marx and Zadie Smith. On the fourth leg is carved the form of words used by Catholics at the start of a confession.
Under the seat, the base cloth is printed with a signed ‘thank you‘, to all the people who took part in the project – whoever they are.

The Confessional couch, plus an accompanying piece called The Dice were at the centre of an exhibition called Confess! at The Bowie Gallery in Totnes, along with the work of the artist Alice Leach.

I also made a collection of cushions using my favourite confessions which you will find in the shop.


All my furniture is unique – I never repeat a design.




Frame designed and built by Lorraine Osborne. Upholstered in heavy cotton panama. Fabric designed By Lorraine Osborne/Graphics by Bill Osborne. Printed by the Centre of Advanced Textiles, Glasgow School of Art. The legs are sheet aluminium on wood. The trimming is made from sheet aluminium. The cushion is heavy cotton Panama. Black writing on orange. It reads: Guilty Heart. Removable cover. Cushion and pad included.


Height: 80cm Width: 71cm Overall length: 176cm Seat height: 43cm


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