This fabric design was inspired by a trip to the Microbe Museum in Amsterdam.

Each little petri dish contains a world of microscopic life and death;

botulism, Legionaries disease, Ebola and streptococci to name a few.

I designed this fabric long before Coronavirus came along and decimated the civilized world, so I understand that the image of anything in a petri dish has taken a bit of a nose dive.

Just remember, the vaccine was found lurking in a petri dish too.

I have covered an Ottoman in the same fabric which you will find in Furniture and there is a cushion available in three colourways in the Cushion Shop




Set of four re-upholstered second hand chairs. Fabric designed by Lorraine Osborne. Printed on heavy Panama cotton at the Glasgow School of Art. Separate seat cushions with removeable zip covers. The springs under the cushion are covered in Microbia / acid yellow fabric. Black painted and polished wood.


Height 80cm. Width 60cm Depth 62cm Seat Height 47cm


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