screen goddesses

I made this screen for International Women’s Day, as a celebration of six women and their contribution to women’s running.

Violet Piercy, Diane Leather, Julia Chase Brand, Florence Ilot, Sarah Attir and Joan Benoit.


I’m a long distance runner myself so I have good reason to be grateful to these girls.

Thanks to women like them I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to take part in many exhilarating competitive races all over the world; through breathtaking countryside, down famous city streets, along coastal paths and across a few gruelling mountain ranges.

This year I hope to run my ninth marathon in Amsterdam.


I had to cram a lot of information onto each panel to tell their individual stories of determination and chutzpah but the overall message remains very simple.


“Who run the world? Girls”




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Three part hinged screen. Fabric designed by Lorraine Osborne. Printed on heavy Panama cotton at the Glasgow School of Art. Black painted and polished feet.


Height 160cm Width ( 60cm per panel ) 180cm



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